Consider POLi as an online banking method

Pokies machines are loved the world over, and nowhere more than Australia. The games have been popular in land-based casinos for years, and are now just as successful in the exciting world of online games. Remote playing has opened up the wonderful world of spinning reels to many more people, and the world-class slots games in Australia today offer incredible graphics, themes and bonuses. The returns on the digital machines are often best described as life-changing!

Considering the enormous potential winnings, good security is essential at every online casino. Several trusted electronic banking systems exist, all of which have players’ needs at heart. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and players also each have individual needs. All of these factors should be carefully weighed before the final decision on how to manage casino-related finances is made.

The POLi system, which is short for “Pay Online”, is one of the most user-friendly and elegantly simple systems available today. Centricom Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based company, established the system in 2003 and still owns and operates it today. Players can use their normal internet banking channels to directly pay online casinos, and they never have to share any of their personal details. Players who are wary of the legitimate threat of card fraud will find this very appealing. Because the system works through existing bank accounts, it is able to access all of the security that goes along with these. Besides having no access to personal data, the system is also never shown any internet banking details. These superb security levels ensure total peace of mind, and allow players to focus on their mind-blowing experiences at the fantastic Australian slots sites.

One of the other appealing features of the system is that it is so widely used, and is available for use at almost every respected online establishment in Australia. Some even offer exclusive rewards for using POLi! The system itself is very sleek and simply sophisticated. From the very first interaction players have with the easily navigable website, they will notice just how user-friendly it is. A helpful demo video and outline explain the entire method, and a comprehensive FAQ page is also featured. If players are still trouble, efficient customer support is available via email.

The first step in using this transaction system is downloading the software. Players need to visit the website and confirm that their personal machines meet software requirements. The website also provides guidelines for upgrading or installing software, so the process is made as easy as possible. Once players are ready to use the system to deposit money into casino accounts, they navigate to the cashier interface, select the POLi option on the “deposit” menu and log in by selecting their bank from the drop-down menu. The downloaded software fills in all payment details automatically. If users are satisfied that all is correct, they confirm the transfer. As a final perk of this fabulous system, it is totally free – players only pay the electronic transfer fees of their bank!

POLi’s only disadvantage is that it cannot be used for withdrawals from casino accounts into bank accounts, so players need to make other arrangements for cashing out their funds. However, almost all the players who have tried this system agree that its unsurpassed simplicity and security are more than a fair trade for this!

The high standards set by this system have made it a serious player in the arena of online transactions, and it merits consideration by every self-respecting player. Everyone enjoying Australia’s finest online pokies sites should bear POLi in mind.